Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Ramtin Yousefi

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Ramtin Yousefi. Ramtin is a senior Civil Engineering major. He chose this major because he has always been good at math and he enjoys building things. After graduation, he hopes to gain experience in his field through internships and jobs, before returning to school for a Master’s degree. Ramtin is originally from Iran, and moved to California five years ago. He has done extensive traveling throughout the world. Some places he has been to include Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, and Dubai.  Ramtin describes himself as an outgoing person who loves to go out. However, he also very much enjoys staying in to watch soccer. His favorite movies are The Godfather series, and his favorite TV shows are House of Cards and Breaking Bad. His favorite art experiences this semester have been “Turning Pages” with Marta Troya, and “Graffiti Writing”. I very much enjoyed getting to know Ramtin, as he is very friendly and has many interesting stories to share.

Ramtin’s website is https://ryart2016.wordpress.com.



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