Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week I had an incredible art experience of visiting the Japanese Gardens to take photographs and sketch. I love visiting the Gardens, as I think it is very easy to see art everywhere in them. I absolutely love being able to immerse myself in living art. Although I found capturing the Gardens’ beauty in photographs to be simple, I found that I very much struggled to capture such beauty in my own drawings. I am much less critical of my ability to take photographs than I am of my ability to draw. Despite my love for drawing, I often feel that I have very little ability to draw. However, although sketching various aspects of the Gardens was difficult, it was also very enjoyable and relaxing for me. Although there is seemingly more pressure to be accurate when sketching in a realistic manner, I felt much more at ease while sketching in this way. I loved following the images with my eyes and moving my pencil to capture details and edges. I found sketching without using an eraser to be incredibly difficult. However, surprisingly, I feel that the lack of an eraser made sketching a much less stressful activity, as I knew that my sketches would not be perfect. Therefore, I was not worrying about drawing perfectly. I did get a bit frustrated when I would mess up lines, but I would simply go over them with more bold lines. I tried blending to create shadows in my sketches. I tried creating dimension, but found it very difficult. Also, although I do not love my sketches, I very much prefer my representational sketches to my abstract ones. Drawing in an abstract manner was much more difficult for me in the sense that I felt very uncreative and lacking in ability. Although realistic sketches are often technically more difficult to create, abstract sketches require a unique sense of creativity that I could not find within myself. I was a bit stumped on how to make a sketch ‘abstract’. I ended up sketching the photographs as I saw them, whilst adding my own details and patterns, and changing various lines in the images. I still unsure as to whether my sketches are abstract, but I definitely put my own unique details into them. Perhaps that is all an abstract image is. Surprisingly, I do very much like how all the abstract images look together. Viewing them collectively, on the same page makes me like them much more, as I feel they fit together to make a unique scene. I think they look more abstract together, than they do when they are apart. I think this is so neat, that although I did not intentionally create these images with the purpose of putting them together, they somehow fit together quite beautifully, I think. Overall I really enjoyed this drawing experience.

My representational sketches and photographs:

My abstract sketches and photographs:


I like how my abstract images look together, like they make up one unique abstract garden. 🙂


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