Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week I had a very fun experience with Instagram. Unsurprisingly, most of my posts were of my dogs, whom I absolutely adore and am with all the time. Since I willingly post pictures of my dogs all the time, it was so fun to actually post pictures of them for a grade! I also had a very enjoyable and interesting time looking through the Art 110 tag at my classmates’ posts. I was actually very surprised to find that I felt a sort of connection between our posts. Although all of our posts greatly vary in content, I felt as though they all conveyed the lives of Californian CSULB college students. I also felt that having all our posts shared under one tag was so cool. It made me feel as though we all had a shared connection in our own little corner of Instagram. I felt a lot of connections between my own activities and life, and the lives of other students. I especially felt connected to the posts featuring pets, Netflix, CSULB, nature, and shopping, as these are some of my most favorite things! I also thought the posts that reflected different interests from my own were very interesting to see. However, despite these few differences, I ultimately felt a connection between all of us Art 110 students.


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