Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Megan Stevens

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Megan Stevens. Megan is a first year psychology student. Her career ambition is to become a child psychiatrist. Megan decided to attend CSULB because it is close to her home and because she is trying to save up a lot of money. Megan has three older brothers. She also has three pets, including a pug, a dachshund/beagle mix, and a cat. Her favorite movie is The Green Mile, and her favorite show is Parks and Recreation. Her favorite type of music is alternative, indie, and rock. One of her favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird. Megan’s favorite hobbies are outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and going to new places. Megan’s favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite class she’s taken at CSULB is Comparative World Literature. I’m glad I got to know Megan, as she seems like such a kind and adventurous person.

Megan’s website is: https://megstevensblog.wordpress.com



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