Hi, my name is Sailor. I am originally from America, a country on planet Earth. My family and I left California to come to Moonbase Alpha when I was seven years old. We left Earth because of all the destruction to its natural elements that was occurring resultant of humans’ carelessness. As lovers of nature, it was extremely difficult for my family and I to see our planet’s wildlife and naturalistic beauty being destroyed, despite our efforts to help conserve its resources. My parents decided to move us here after years of trying and failing to improve conservation on Earth. They made the decision because they felt we were unsafe, and because they wanted my siblings and I to enjoy life on a planet where we could be surrounded by natural life. They tell me it was a devastating decision to make. However, I think we all have adjusted very well to life on Moonbase Alpha. Although it was very intimidating at first, I love the diversity of species and wildlife on this planet. My favorite part about living on Moonbase Alpha is that I get to do what I love most in the world – helping animals. I have always loved animals, so becoming a veterinarian was the easiest decision I have ever made. I am still training, but have already been blessed with the opportunity to have helped so many animals. Even more fulfilling, I am able to help many of the interspecies creatures of this planet, as well. Ultimately, I am happy to have moved to this planet because I never could have helped and saved as many creatures as I have on Earth. My family and I have a great ambition to go on missions to Earth to try and help restore its naturalistic beauty once and for all. It also one of my greatest dreams to be able to rescue animals who are unable to adapt to the geologic changes on Earth and bring them back here where they can thrive and rebuild their species. I also want so badly to rescue all animals who are being abused and neglected on Earth, and bring them back here, where nearly everybody respects and loves animals the way they deserve. My family and I are recruiting anyone and everyone who wants to help us in these missions to restore and nurture life.

I’d love for any readers to check out my friends’ blogs. They are such amazing people.

Orphelia – Orphelia is one of my really good friends here on Moonbase Alpha. We met when she brought in an abandoned puppy to my vet school for treatment. I got to know her, and came to admire her so much for her independence and resilience. Her job as a paintball gun tester should tell you why she is the person I go to when I want to have fun.

Ken Jones – Ken is a good childhood friend of mine from California, and a smart, fascinating person. We still keep in touch and tell each other about life on each other’s planets. I do miss Earth, and knowing about life on Moonbase Alpha is literally his job.

Lulu – Lulu is another very good friend of mine. I met her when she came in for treatment at the clinic I train at. As a rabbit-human hybrid, Lulu was unsure of where she belonged and whether she should seek treatment for her ear infection at a doctor or a veterinarian. Since she has rabbit ears, we advised her to seek ear treatments with us. Lulu has had a very difficult life and has felt out of place as a half human, half rabbit. However, she has come so far in self-acceptance and for that I am very proud of her. I continue to help her with her mission to seek a way to become full human, but part of me thinks she should just accept and love herself the way she is. However, I do not understand the struggles she must deal with, so I fully support her decision.

To be determined 


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