Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Exhibition Information

Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Merge
Media: BFK Paper, Ink, Stencils
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: Artist has no website at this time.
Instagram: bri.joy

About the Artist

Bri Joy is a CSULB undergraduate pursuing a BFA in Printmaking in the School of Art. Bri comes from a small town where she was surrounded by nature, wildlife, and a strong sense of community, all of which are concepts she is inspired by. She is also greatly inspired by themes such as past and present, and the value of bonds and relationships. Bri describes her art as being figurative, as she likes to manipulate lines, incorporate figures, and create movement and conversation within her pieces. Bri’s hobbies and favorite things to do all involve being outdoors, in naturalistic environments.

Formal Analysis

Bri’s interest in incorporating and manipulating various lines is very evident in each of her pieces. Merge is a collection of extremely line-centric pieces. Bri’s pieces incorporate a wide variety of line shapes and styles that come together to create images that are both organized and ‘artistically messy’ in appearance. The most prominent lines featured in her pieces are sinuous and undulating, as they curve around each other to form images and complex patterns. However, her pieces also incorporate sharp lines that form boxy shapes and borders. In addition to line, her pieces also heavily incorporate a contrast between black and white. Her pieces showcase black lines against a white background, white lines against a black background, and some showcase both. The media used in the creation of her pieces contribute to the conveyance of these formal qualities. The ink offers a stark, beautiful contrast to the large, white BFK paper that offers a foundation for a grand presentation of the images. The artist is evidently very successful in creating her vision of pieces that feature movement, as well as incorporate elements that create a ‘conversation’ between the piece.

Content Analysis

Bri’s pieces very successfully explore the idea of vastly different elements co-existing with one another. More specifically, her pieces were inspired by the stark contrast of her life in a naturalistic environment with her life in a heavily industrialized city. In her pieces, Bri hopes to convey the idea that she is both the person who lived amongst, and loves, nature, and the person who now lives in a busy city. Her pieces successfully present in this idea in their elements that both contradict one another, and seamlessly converse and create fluid movement. Bri’s heavy utilization of sinuous and undulating lines conveys the idea of concepts merging together. Also notable about the lines in her pieces is that some were organically created, and some were computer generated. These two types of lines represent nature and industry, elements that both play a significant role in Bri’s life. The black and white color scheme of Bri’s pieces also serve to convey this stark contrast.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really love and appreciate Bri’s artwork. I think the concept of her pieces is very genius and beautiful. I love that her exhibit is so personal, and conveys a lot about her feelings and who she is. Although I cannot relate to feeling geographically and culturally displaced, as I have lived in the same place my entire life, I can definitely relate to feeling torn between two things. In the same way that nature and technology both conflict and co-exist, I feel that my child self and my adult self are both vastly different yet equally apart of me. Although created with a specific concept, I think that Bri’s pieces are universal in theme and open to interpretation. I can definitely see my nostalgic feelings reflected in the organic, simple lines, and my current ambitions reflected in the modern, computer generated lines. Overall, I felt a strong connection to Bri’s pieces and I greatly appreciate Bri as an artist for being able to create connections between her pieces and her viewers.



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