Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week I had a really fun time trying automatic drawing. I asked my mother to help me draw. We used a large piece of paper, a dark pencil, and a board to draw on. At first, I definitely felt a bit silly just waiting for my pencil to move. However, my mother is an art teacher, so I know she understands the things I have to do for art! After a little while, I found that I was growing frustrated that our pencil seemed to not be moving at all. However, it eventually started to move very slowly in very small increments. We then kept experiencing a problem in which our pencil would get stuck in somewhat of a deep rivet and would not move, which can be seen in various points of our drawing. When this happened, we lightened our grip on the pencil and tried to be more loose with our grasps. This allowed it to move again. We stayed holding the pencil for an hour, during some of which we listened to a bit of TV. Although I believe this type of drawing is typically done in silence, I feel that being distracted actually helped us relax and allowed our pencil to move a little more. When we were done, I was somewhat amazed by our drawing. Although our drawing was very small and the lines were all in close proximity to one another, it really ended up looking a bird. It’s a very messy bird, but we both really think it looks a lot like a bird! We were both kind of amazed that our drawing actually resembled something, even if only a little bit. I had a fun time doing this art experience with my mother, and I’d love to try it again.



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