Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This week I had a very enjoyable experience creating a video project. My project partner, Cassandra Topete, and I decided to recreate a music video that we both really love. We decided to recreate Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” music video. I personally love this video because it is both non-conventional for the song it accompanies, and it is personal to the artist who created it herself. I love the video because it incorporates videos of real life and real beauty. I love the idea of life showcased as a montage, as I feel it perfectly captures the fast, ever-changing nature of life. In order to recreate this video, Cassandra and I put our personal home videos together. We chose to incorporate videos that captured the various beautiful aspects of our lives, such as nature, and, most notably, our loved ones. I feel that our video is very evidently inspired by “Video Games”. In creating and editing our montage video, we created cuts that emphasized the music, used different effects and filters, and incorporated sound that cut through the music in various clips, all of which are elements in Lana Del Rey’s video. These elements, I feel, also serve to convey a fast-paced, ever-changing theme that is reflective of life. Also similar to the original video is the way in which our video clips seem almost incongruous with the song’s lyrics. One of the most interesting aspects of Del Rey’s video is that it incorporates seemingly random clips whose connection with the song’s lyrics are not obvious. However, the clips’ portrayal of real, rather than acted or contrived, life somehow connect to the song by emphasizing its sadness and realism. I feel that our utilization of personal clips also serves this purpose. Ultimately, our video is very special to us in that it incorporates the things, animals, and people we hold most dear. I feel our video-making process went very well, and was very fun and personal to us.



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