Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week I went on a photowalk to see the many beautiful landmarks of CSULB. On the walk, my group and I, led by Joshua Hyun, visited sculptures, fountains, and the beautiful Japanese Gardens. Walking throughout campus and taking pictures of some of CSULB’s most notable features was such a fun experience and a lovely way to spend a class period. In taking my photos, I aimed to utilize different angles and widths. In doing so, I hoped to capture CSULB’s features in different and interesting ways, and to showcase certain aspects of them by photographing close-up and far-away. My favorite place to photograph, as well as my favorite place to visit, on campus is the Japanese Gardens. I feel that the gardens itself is simply an absolutely artistic place, as there is so much color and beauty all throughout it. The various naturalistic elements in the gardens, such as water, leaves, and flowers, also contribute to its artistic atmosphere. I tried to capture these different elements and colors in my photographs, and utilized various angles to showcase their beautiful details. Overall, I found the entire walk to be very enjoyable. I feel that our guide, Joshua Hyun, was very good at leading us around campus. I really liked how he shared facts and background information about the landmarks we visited. I feel that our walk was very fun and informative, and I would not have changed anything.



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