Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Xiomara Brenes

This week I had a conversation with the lovely Xiomara Brenes. Xiomara is a second year student studying nutrition. Upon asking why she wanted to study nutrition, I discovered that Xiomara is very much interested in science. She decided to major in nutrition specifically because it is a field in which science has a direct application to everyday human life. In her free time, Xiomara likes to hang out with her friends and visit new places. One of her favorite places to go to is the beach. Xiomara says she enjoys art, however she finds that she prefers looking at and appreciating the art of other people to creating her own art, as she feels that she is not very creative. Xiomara and I discussed the art of Samuel Jernigan. She said that her favorite piece is the sculpture of the bust with a head of colored rings. Xiomara was so sweet and I love her purple highlights! I very much enjoyed conversing with her.

Xiomara’s website is https://xiobrenes.wordpress.com

(Sadly I do not have a photo of/with Xiomara because my phone deleted some of my pictures!! :'((()


Xiomara’s favorite piece of Samuel Jernigan’s.



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