Wk 3 – Snapchat

This week’s art experience was very fun for me because I love snapchat. I think it such a fun way to communicate with people and see what is going on other peoples’ lives. I never really considered snapchat to be an artistic platform, but I can now see that its usage of filters and brushes makes it a great tool for people to create art. I also really love the concept that we talked about in class this week, of ephemeral art. I think art that only lasts for a short time and is susceptible to being easily dismantled is especially precious because it only lives for a little while. For this same reason, I think ephemeral art is more appreciated by people who might not always appreciate artistic talent. I really like how the concept of ephemeral art ties in with snapchat, a social media platform. I feel that the temporary nature of messages sent through snapchat allows people to feel like they can be goofier and more themselves in their messages, because they know the messages won’t last. I love that snapchat allows us all to be artists in our everyday lives. I really enjoyed this week’s art experience and had a lot of fun snapchatting at the art galleries and seeing others’ snapchats.

The following are two of my snapchats. I really love both of these artists’ pieces and thought it would be cool to incorporate my own snapchat art into them.

The following are two snapchats from two students, Cassandra Topete and Bianca Dominguez, respectively. I think their snapchats are just so adorable.



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