Wk 2 – Plaster Casting

I had a fun and challenging experience making a plaster cast of my hand this week. I had never worked with plaster before, and I would definitely like a chance to work with it again. I created the plaster cast at my house, as my plan to go to the beach on Sunday fell through due to the rain and winds. However, creating the plaster cast at my house worked very well, as I was able to buy sand along with all the other materials at Home Depot. I found some difficulty getting the sand to be just damp enough without being too runny. I had to keep adding more sand to the bucket in order to absorb the excess water. I eventually got the sand to a good consistency and was able to dig a hole and create a mold of my hand. I was nervous to take the plaster cast out after the half hour was up, as I feared it would break apart. I was very happy to see that it did not break apart at all as I took it out. Despite brushing the cast a lot, most of the sand still stuck to it. However, I sort of like the sand on the cast, as I feel it adds a cool, naturalistic effect to it. I feel that it almost looks as if it is going to break apart at any second, despite being a very strong cast. I very much enjoyed this project.



Palm of my hand


Back of my hand


After brushing excess sand off



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