Wk 1 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

newestnewest 2My idea for my “Landscapes with a Corpse” portraits was to photograph myself with nature as my final resting place. I feel that nature is one of the most wonderful elements of life. In this way, it serves as a stark contrast to death, as I tried to convey in my photographs. I chose being killed by a brick as my cause of death, as I thought it would be interesting if nature were both my resting place, in the form of the ground and grass, as well as my demise, in the form of a brick composed of natural elements. I also feel the presence of the brick allows for some viewer interpretation as to whether I was murdered, or perhaps hit by a falling brick. I chose to include two photographs with very different framing and perspective. While the first photo shows my body from afar and from a side/front angle, the second photo is close up and focuses on the brick that caused my death, as well as the blood that resulted from it. Creating the concept and scene was very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed integrating the fake blood into the scene, and I am very pleased with how it looks. I was surprised to find that I needed the help of two people (one to photograph, and one to add the blood/adjust things) just to photograph myself in what I had thought was a simple scene. It made me think of how much work and how many peoples’ efforts must go into professional photo shoots. Having the help with my project made it more enjoyable and I’m confident that it also created a project of much better quality. Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience working on this project.


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